PURPOSE:  Your Divine Design

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For purpose were you fashioned?---Linda Sutton, 22Tango.  Fashioned.

For what purpose were you fashioned?

In your beginning, when you were created, there was a purpose for your life.  There is something that you are here to bring to world, something that you are to contribute, something that you are to co-create, that the world needs.  There is something that only you can do, the unique way that you do it.  Some call it your mission, other’s your purpose.  I call it, your Divine design.   Why?  Because everything about you is designed to support that mission, that vision, that purpose.  There were no accidents, no mistakes, no coincidences in the design and creation of you.

If you do not know the purpose of a thing, you will abuse it.  –African proverb

Just because you are unaware of the purpose and design of you does not negate the fact that everything about you has purpose and contributes to that purpose.  From the way that you look, your strengths and weaknesses, your trials and your triumphs.  The things that you love about yourself, and the things that you want to change about you---all are a part of the design, your design.  As a wise African proverb states “if you do not know the purpose of a thing, you will abuse it.”  If you do not know the purpose of your design then you will discount or try to change the very elements that distinguish your greatness.  If you do not know that the people in your life serve a purpose as well, then you will dismiss their presence and take their gifts for granted versus seeking to understand how they contribute to your higher calling, or how you are sent to further theirs.

When you understand that everything about you was designed and fashioned to contribute to your divine purpose, then you can move from a place of self loathing and move to a place of self understanding, self acceptance, and most importantly, self loving. 

When you discover your purpose, start living from it, and step into the fulfillment of it, then you can transform your world and transform the world. 


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