22TANGO®. FASHIONED: The Genesis of the Name

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Our name is a part of our Genesis.  Your name is a part of your Genesis.

The name 22Tango®. Fashioned. is inspired by Genesis 2:22, where woman was fashioned from man’s rib and presented to him, considered the “first relationship” and the” first marriage.”  The name was given to me out of a space of deep prayer and meditation (yes, I am unapologetically spiritual) during a time where I was questioning my life work and mission. 

Genesis 2:22


The LORD God FASHIONED into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.  Genesis 2:22  (New American Standard Bible) 

One of Adam’s first jobs was to name every living thing.  Your parents were very thoughtful in choosing a name for you, one that would serve to identify you for your entire life.  There is power in a name---it is what you are “called” in the world. 

What did your parents and loved ones call you?  What do you call yourself?  What do you allow yourself to be called?  There is meaning in your name, whether or not you know it.  And for many, a hint of their calling lies within it.  

We are delighted that our Genesis literally draws from Genesis.  This vision was fashioned by the Divine and presented to me.  And now, we present 22Tango®.  Fashioned. Logowear and Finery to you.  Divinely Designed and Fashioned.  It not only takes two to tango, it takes you to tango.


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