BANAH Apparel LLC Launches Inaugural Clothing Line Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Charlotte, North Carolina - BANAH Apparel, LLC announced today the launch of its 22TANGO®. Fashioned. Logowear and Finery clothing line. The inaugural collection, called the BANAH Collection, features active and dance wear, as well as evening attire for women and men, in a dance-inspired apparel line. 22TANGO®. Fashioned. launched online in January 2018 and will be appearing in pop-up shops at select events throughout the country.

The 22TANGO® brand leads with The 22TANGO® Show with Linda Sutton, a mixed genre television show that airs in North Carolina with the mission of enabling viewers to create harmonious and passionate relationships. Another element of the brand is the 22TANGO® Training System, a dance based curriculum that uses the secrets of Argentine tango to cultivate relationship communication and true leadership skills.

“For years my students, clients, and audience members have been asking for some sort of logo gear like t-shirts,” the clothing line’s spokesperson, Linda Sutton remarks.   “However, t-shirts and hoodies just do not reflect the personality of our clients and brand. The line allows us to feature designs and pieces that mirror the energetic, playful nature of our audience. Additionally, I think now is the time is for this kind of ‘message wear.’ We are living in an era where we need people to connect, listen, lead, collaborate, create harmony and synergy in relationships and interactions. My goal is for the 22TANGO® message to serve as a playful and fun reminder that it takes two to tango…and tango well.”

ABOUT 22TANGO®. Fashioned.

22TANGO® Fashioned. Logowear and Finery is the official logowear line of the 22TANGO® brand. With attire for active, fun-seeking men and women, this line of apparel is designed to move with a person throughout their day, transitioning easily from dance class or yoga, to running errands, to meeting a friend for coffee, or an evening out of dinner, movie, and dancing. Displayed on the fabric of every piece is the message of “22TANGO”, designed to spark conversation, as well as inspire connection, partnership, and harmony in this dance we call relationship.

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